Authenticity is at the absolute heart of everything that we do. We are not interested in cheap copies that lack attention to detail: cotton fabrics, modern polyester, sublimated numbers and sponsors. Every shirt that we produce has been based on a pedantic and obsessive analysis of a match-worn shirt from the season in question. We only use production methods that were contemporaneous to the time period. It has taken us a lot of time and money to perfect this process, but it has definitely been worth it. Here are just a number of ways to spot a GOLAZZO® Original from a poor copy.



This is the main way you will be able to identify a GOLAZZO® Original. Each shirt we make comes with our unique GOLACRYL™ woven acrylic polyester. Most modern re-makes utilise modern fabrics that are easier to make nowadays: modern polyester, cotton, etc…simply because it’s easier and cheaper. However, we are not interested in cheap and easy; as we’re fans too, we are after a completely authentic experience. To get the exact fabric we wanted had to engage with over 20+ fabric manufacturers around the world over the course of a year to get what we wanted.




As with our fabric, our printing techniques display an absolute obsessive attention to detail. We do not use processes such as dye-sublimation printing as they are not authentic to the time period. This can be seen in our Mark Hateley "Attila" shirt. Player shirts from this season differed from replicas as there was a black box around the word Mondadori with a vapour print effect applied. We have authentically replicated this.



All our embroidery is done by hand to the highest standards. A great example of this are the numbers on our Diego Maradona shirt. The easy and cheaper thing to do would have been to have flock numbers heat applied directly to the shirt – as a that’s what most of our other shirts have. However, the real shirt had a vinyl plastic number stitched to the shirt in a zig-zag fashion. So that’s what our shirts have.


The Final Result

The outcome of all of this work is a shirt that is so exacting the only way even the experts can tell the difference is the GOLAZZO® Original neck label.